Veronica Church

Name: Veronica Church

Nickname: Roni

D.O.B.: 8/5/02
Hometown: Owatonna, MN
Current City: Owatonna, MN
Height: 5'6"
Specialty: Time Trials & Criteriums

Additional sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Triathlon

Years racing: 5
Grade level in school: 8th grade

Connect with Veronica:

Twitter: veronicarchurch
Instagram: veronicachurch_

The Nature Valley Grand Prix (now the North Star Grand Prix) was Veronica's first introduction to racing - at age 3! She had so much fun racing that day in the kids race that she wanted to race again two days later at another stage. During that second race of her life she crashed hard into the fence and when she crossed the finish line crying & bleeding, her passion for the sport was clear. While watching that same stage the following year, she determined that she wanted to meet Kristin Armstrong.  After Veronica convinced her dad to walk a few blocks out of their way to find Kristin, Veronica got her wish when Kristin introduced herself and the two had an immediate connection. Kristin's ongoing influence and inspiration has propelled Veronica to great achievements at a very young age.

When Veronica was 7 she began racing her bike against 10-12 year old boys and girls at every kid's race she could find. At age 8 she began competing against the older boys on the track as well.

In 2012 when Veronica was finally old enough to get her USA Cycling License, she was honored to be on the Exergy Twenty12 Women's Professional Cycling Team as a 10-year old! In that first year of racing, she was excited to bring home her first yellow jersey for winning the 4-stage Tour of America's Dairyland. She also won her first State Time Trial Championship.

Veronica has completed nearly 50 triathlons in 4 states. One of her greatest accomplishments the past few years is being a great fundraiser for the Pinky Swear Foundation for which she has individually raised almost $29,000 to support Minnesota kids with cancer.

Career Highlights:

  • Fundraiser for Pinky Swear Foundation to benefit kids with cancer - $29,000 Lifetime total
  • 1st Minnesota State Time Trial Championship - 2012, 2014, 2015
  • 1st Overall, Tour of America's Dairyland Stage Race - 2012 & 2014
  • 1st Overall 13-14 yr old, Midwest Flyover Omnium Race Series - 2015
  • 1st Overall 9-14 yr old, LaCrosse Omnium - 2014
  • 8th 11-12 yr old, USA Cycling National Criterium Championship - 2014

2015 Results

  • 1st 13-14 yr old, Minnesota State Time Trial Championship
  • 1st Overall 13-14 yr old, Midwest Flyover Omnium Race Series
  • 1st 13-14 yr old, Tour of Kansas City
  • 1st 13-14 yr old, Nebraska Omnium Weekend
  • 1st 13-14 yr old, Bicycle, Blues & BBQ Omnium
  • 1st 13-14 yr old, Minnesota Memorial Classic

2014 Results

  • 1st 9-12 yr old, Minnesota State Time Trial Championship
  • 1st Overall 9-12 yr old, Tour of America's Dairyland Stage Race
  • 1st Overall 9-14 yr old, LaCrosse Omnium
  • 1st 9-14 yr old, Rose Festival Stage Rage Criterium
  • 1st 9-12 yr old, Elkhart Lake Road Race
  • 8th 11-12 yr old, USA Cycling National Criterium Championship

What inspired you to start bike racing?
My friendship with Kristin Armstrong

Who is an inspiration to you in your life, both on and off the bike?
Kristin Armstrong

Favorite meal when training?
Caesar Salad

The best thing about racing bikes?
Meeting new people and getting to travel

What is your biggest accomplishment on the bike?

My biggest accomplishment this year would be winning the 6 event Midwest Flyover Omnium Race Series and especially winning the road race at the Bicycles, Blues, & BBQ Festival.

Favorite place you've raced your bike and why?
The Ken Woods Memorial Road Race in Minnesota because of the great scenery and my first ever victory in a road race.

Favorite cross training or off season activity?
Basketball & Swimming

Best tip for a new bike racer?

Keep your head high even if you don't do as well as you were hoping just do the best you can.

What are one or two things that you do daily that are the key to your success?

I imagine myself being on the top of the podium in the Olympics also focasing on traing and doing my best.

If you weren’t bike racing what would you be?

I would be really big into triathlons

What is something that nobody would know about you?

I am related to Queen Elizabeth II

TWENTY16 has an emphasis on education with the initiation of our Junior Scholarship program in 2015.

Why is continued education important?

We all wish we could make a living just racing bikes, and someday that might be true but until then I want to have an amazing job so that I can afford to ride or race my bike when I want to.

 What does Ridebiker Alliance mean to you?

There a great supporter of all cycling disciplines and I am very proud that they support our team.

Favorite things to do off the bike:

  • Travel
  • Play basketball
  • Shopping
  • Hang out with friends
  • Playing viola

Top 10 warmup/pre-race songs on your iPod (Artist/song):

  • Taylor Swift/ I Know Places
  • Selena Gomez/ Perfect
  • Selena Gomez/ Kill Em With Kindness
  • The Vamps/ Wild Heart
  • The Vamps/ Somebody to You
  • The Vamps/ Oh Cecilia
  • Tori Kelly/ Hollow
  • Owl City/ Shooting Star
  • Zara Larsson/ Lush Life
  • Trevor Moran/ Let's Roll

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