Scotti Lechuga

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake” - Henry David Thoreau

Nickname: Scotti

D.O.B.: Jan 7, 1983

Birth city and state: High Point, NC

Current City: Little Rock, AR

Height: 5’8”

Specialty: all-around

Previous sports: track and field/cross country

Years racing: 2018 will be my 5th pro year

Colleges attended: Baylor University

Degree: English Literature

Personal Website link: (coming soon)

Instagram link: scottilechuga

Facebook link:

Twitter link: @scottilechuga

Scotti Lechuga came from a competitive running background. After being plagued with injuries, she put competitive sport aside and pursued a liberal arts career, becoming a successful artist. However, she really missed competition and decided to try cycling after connecting with her (now) husband, Ernie Lechuga. Her career in cycling hadn’t even started when in 2010, she and Ernie found out there were pregnant! The couple had their twin sons, Eli and Ethan in 2011, and Scotti was back to to racing the following year.

Within the next year, Scotti made the leap from amateur to professional. She raced with the US National Team in 2013 for the Tours of Limousin, Bretagne, Ardeche, and Toscana. Scotti has raced with pro teams Tibco, UnitedHealthcare, and Hagens Berman | Supermint. She also co-owns Leborne Coaching with her husband, Ernie, coaching athletes of all levels in cycling, triathlon, and endurance sports. As a cyclist, wife, mother, and coach, Scotti stays extremely busy, but always looks to keep a healthy balance as she pursues her goal of being one of the top cyclists in the US.


• 3rd - Tour of the Gila, Stage 2

• Top 20 GC Tour of California WWT 


• 1st - Redlands Stage Race, Stage 1

• 2nd - Redlands Stage Race, Stage 5

 • 15th - Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, WWT

• 9th - Winston Salem Cycling Classic UCI

• 5th GC Joe Martin Stage Race UCI

• 2nd - Tour of the Gila Stage 5, UCI


• Finisher - Giro Rosa WWT

• 1st - Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 4 UCI

• 2nd - GC Joe Martin Stage Race UCI

What inspired you to become a bike racer?

When I was a kid, I watched the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games - that’s the first time I remember seeing the Olympics. I knew then I wanted to be an elite athlete and wanted to be like the women I watched. I thought it would be running that might get me there, but that didn’t work out. And when I found cycling I immediately loved it and was inspired to give it everything I could to reach that level. Now, I continually get inspired by what the bike teaches me about myself when I push to the limit.

Who is an inspiration to you in your life, both on and off the bike?

My children are a constant source of inspiration. They keep things simple and remind me to keep things in perspective. They smile, and it makes me smile. On the bike, I’ve really been inspired by Kristin Armstrong. She was amazing before she had a kid, but then proved to be even stronger after becoming a mother. Motherhood isn’t something many of the women in the peloton experience, so I really look up to her for pursuing her dreams while balancing being a mom.

Favorite meal when training?

Sometimes I crave a big steak. Ha! But on a regular basis, my favorite go-to is simple food like chicken, rice and a big salad…or grilled salmon. Ernie makes some mean tacos, too!

The best thing about being a bike racer is?

Realizing there’s this culture that exists around the world…an unspoken culture that brings people together, makes people open their own homes, share meals together, and ride bikes together. I guess when you experience that, it teaches you a whole new level of gratitude and appreciation for the little communities that help you make your dreams happen.

What is your biggest accomplishment on the bike?

I won the Highland circuit at Redlands in 2016, this iconic hilltop finish where I just put my head down and never looked back. It hurt so bad but I forgot about all that when I got to the line.

Favorite place you’ve raced your bike and why?

Italy - the people of Italy just love bike racing, and they come out for the women in a similar fashion they do for the men’s race.A whole town will close down for the event…and the scenery is not too bad, either!

Favorite cross training or off season activity?

With the freed up time of the off season, I feel my creative artist juices coming back. I’ll sometimes oil paint, or sketch, or make something by hand to decorate our home.

Best tip for a new bike racer?

It’s not about intervals from the gun. Learn to handle your bike and learn the technical side of the sport so you’re comfortable in the peloton.

What are one of two things that you do daily that are the key to your success?

I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. No really, a key to my success is being open to letting life happen. Not being so into myself and my cycling that I forget there is this whole other world out there. I’m learning to compartmentalize a little more, so that I can turn off my race brain and have a healthy, relaxed mind with my family and friends.

If you weren’t bike racing what would you be?

I’m pretty lucky, because I’m already doing what I would be doing if I retired. I am also a coach with my husband Ernie, and we work with a number of cyclist, Ironman triathletes, runners, and endurance sports athletes. We host clinics in our home town and teach people how to get comfortable riding, even beginners who need to learn to clip in. So…I would probably dig into growing that even more.

If you could spend 10 days anywhere, where would it be?

I would go to the UK again. I spent a summer there and loved it.

Favorite things to do off the bike:

1. I love meeting for coffee with friends

2. Reading and writing

3. Hanging with my two little dudes

4. Listening to live music

5. Creating art

Top 5 warmup/pre-race songs on your iPod:

1. Dreamer

2. Garands

3. Cheap Thrills

4. Float

5. Lean On

Favorite things to eat.

1. Tacos

2. Dark Chocolate

3. Red wine

4. Sushi

5. Really good olive oil and bread

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know

At one time in my life, I weighed over 200 lbs. Not kidding.

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