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Abby Youngwerth

“Do what you know, and when you know better do better.” -Maya Angelou

Nickname: Swagigail

D.O.B.: 3/14/2000

Birth city and state: Boise Idaho

Current city: Boise Idaho

Height: 5’5’

Specialty: All around racer

Years racing: 6

Abby Youngwerth is currently part of Twenty16 p/b Sho-Air, formerly part of the B.Y.R.D.S., a junior team out of Boise, Idaho. She is a multi-national medalist in road racing, cyclocross, and mountain biking. Her most noteworthy results of the year have been, 1st in the 15-18 Women's Circuit race at Sea Otter Classic, 1st in Women's Cross Country race at the Sea Otter Classic, and 2nd in the 15-16 Women's criterium at Amateur Nationals.

Aside from racing, Abby divides her time between going to school at Boise High, and keeping up on adventures with friends. Boise High School has recently become part of the Idaho NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) league. During the fall, Abby helped out leading team rides and getting more girls out racing. She raced in women’s varsity and placed 1st overall.    

Career Highlights

  • 2012 Women 3/4 Idaho State Cyclo-Cross Champion
  • 2013 Women 3/4 Idaho State Road Race Champion
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 Idaho state Criterium champion
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 2/26 National Crit Championships
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 4/23 National TT Championships
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 4/28 National RR Championships


  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 2nd place, National Criterium Championships
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 2nd place, Colorado Mini Classic
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-18 1st place Circuit race, Sea Otter Classic
  • 2015 Junior Women 15-16 1st place Cyclocross race, Subaru Cyclo Cup
  • 2015 Women 1/2 1st place Cyclocross race, Idaho WaffleCross


  • 2014 Junior Women 15-16 1st place Cyclocross, Waves for Water
  • 2014 Junior Women 13-14 2nd place, Northwest Junior Classic Stage Race
  • 2014 Junior Women 13-14 3rd place, National Road Race Championships
  • 2014 Junior Women 13-14 3rd place, National Time Trial Championships

What inspired you to become a bike racer?

I joined a summer mountain bike camp for girls and one of the camp instructors told me I should start riding some more. After that, I joined a local team and got to ride with the same instructor.

Who is an inspiration to you in your life, both on and off the bike?

The same instructor/teammate that got me into cycling has always been a big inspiration. She had a lot of success in her cycling career and is now putting her education first and focusing in on her future.

Favorite meal when training?

My all time favorite thing to eat before a race or a hard training day is rice, scrambled eggs, and lots of soy sauce. It has never failed me.

The best thing about being a bike racer?

The best thing about being a bike racer is definitely all the different relationships you make throughout the country.

What is your biggest accomplishment on the bike?

My favorite kind of training is technical work, so I would have to say mastering the no handed track stand is pretty high up.

Favorite place you’ve raced your bike?

My favorite venue would have to be in Phoenix Arizona for the Valley of the Sun stage race.

What are one or two things that you do daily that are the key to your success?

I have a letter on my mirror from a really great cycling coach’s wife that I met at a talent ID camp. Inside the letter she writes about how the coach comes home every year talking about one rider he thinks has potential. After saying how he had high hopes for me, she wrote that this was the first year he’d ever mentioned a female. Being able to look at that everyday does a great job of keeping me motivated.

If you weren’t bike racing what would you be?

Because my dad is a big motorcycle kind of guy, I imagine I’d probably do the same thing I do now, just on a motorcycle.

What is something nobody would know about you?

When I was 5 I went to Mexico to study spanish for 6 weeks.

TWENTY16 has an emphasis on education with the initiation of our Junior Scholarship Program in 2015. Why is continued education important?

To me, continued education is important because I know that cycling isn’t going to be something I’m going to make a living on; and having another part of your life besides cycling is a great way to stay motivated.  

What does Ridebiker Alliance mean to you?

To me, Ridebiker Alliance means that everyone can have the opportunity to live like I do, on a bike.

Favorite things to do off the bike:

  1. Eat delicious food
  2. Be with friends
  3. Listen to music
  4. Watch movies
  5. Catch up on all the latest shows

Top 10 warmup/pre-race songs on your iPod

  1. Take on Me A-ha
  2. How you get the girl Taylor Swift
  3. West End Girls Pet shop Boys
  4. Bizarre Love Triangle New Order
  5. All you had to do was stay Taylor Swift
  6. Play it Right Sylvan Esso
  7. Just Like Heaven The Cure
  8. Outlaws Alessia Cara
  9. Hula Hoop Brenmar
  10. How Far We’ve Come Matchbox Twenty

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